Beautiful poem

Oh wow, thank you so much!:)

All I know is that you’re the only one
that can make me smile,
the only one I wake up for.
But what does that mean?
And if it does have a meaning,
is it really so important?
They taught me that love fades away
and that I am too young for it;
they taught me that young love isn’t important,
that young love is stupid.
They taught me things that turned out the lights,
that took all feelings away.

So, are we really worth it?

Where are you from ?


I don’t know how to feel

I hope my heart finds a way to unlove you and my mind to erase you
-ebreus (via edraxt)
Ti voglio bene,voglio l'inverno ciao ⛄️🌲✌️❤️☕️ 😍

ahahaah anche ioooooooooooooooooooooooooo